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Amy & The Calamities is the creation of solo artist, Amy Wawn, a musician and singer-songwriter from Zimbabwe. As a solo performer, Amy’s style ranges from foot-stomping rhythms and folk melodies to the dirty-delicious sounds of delta blues on the slide guitar, with her own signature vocals and thoughtful lyrics.


The ‘Calamities’ is a title that grew organically over time. Originally coined with best friend and digs mate Abby Roberts one evening after an open mic in Cape Town, the name stems from the various comedic mishaps on stage, the odd coincidences, and the regular antics of jovial friends and fans. The name has also come to represent a kind of spontaneity in performing.

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Listner Reviews

  • Gus Lebreton ~ Chief Organiser and MC at Miombo Magic
    “Amy’s electrifying sunset performance at Miombo Magic 2016 was the perfect transition from an afternoon of mellow blues, folk and soul to an evening of high-octane revelry and fun.”
  • Rafael Pesce, Spiritual Records
    “Amy has a depth that defies her age. Her intense and mesmerising guitar work is matched effortlessly with her dark and brooding vocal range.”

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