The Suspects EP


Jan 10, 2018
Amy & The Calamities
Producer: Amy Wawn, Corentin Fanuel
Number of discs: 1

With elements from home in Zimbabwe, new tones from my first few months in London in 2017 and some incredible friends and musicians that came into the mix, it is a project I can’t wait to share with you. There’s the raw sound of the brass slide on strings,  the foot-stomping rhythms of folk and blues and six tunes that I’ve carried with me for a couple years and will always stay close to my heart. The EP features fresh  arrangements of songs such as ‘Brother’ and ‘Dream’ as well as releases of brand new tracks accompanied by guest violinist, Georgina Leach, who features on tracks such as ‘Bless’ and ‘No Advice’.


The Suspects was recorded in the acoustically exquisite Toni Visconti Studio at Kingston University in London. The recording was done to tape, giving the final mixes that beautifully warm, round sound and ever-so-slight old school hiss. Many thanks are due to the man behind the producing, mixing and engineering; Corentin Fanuel, a friend and Masters graduate in Sound Engineering from Kingston University, whose meticulous and fine-tuned ear has made this EP sound as good as it does. Finally after some deliberation, we took the EP for its final mastering to Abbey Road Studios where the finishing touches were done by Mastering Engineer, Geoff Pesche. A treat in itself to walk through the corridors of Abbey Road and more so when we learnt Geoff was impressed with the mix and the music. He put it all through his magic ‘wires’ as he calls them and the result is exactly what you would expect from someone with 12 years experience in the business.


I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I have making these tunes,





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